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Voice Recording

You are in need of a German Voice? Our voice actor Pirmin Styrnol is known in TV, Cinema and Radio! As the voice of the Football World Cup 2018, and Car Racing Trailers as well as Audiobooks and Poem recitals, he is equipped to handle it all: We record in highest quality for all kinds of productions! After mixing & mastering in our recording studio you can look forward to superb sound!

Voice Actor for German Dubbing
High Quality Vocal Recording
Sprecher für Events

Music & Stories

Sprecher für Trailer

World Cup at Europapark

Sprecher für Doku

TV Documentary

Sprecher für Hörbuch


Sprecher für Museumsdoku

Museum Film

Sprecher für Dokumentarfilm

Film Festival Documentaries

I am a voice actor, filmmaker and journalist.

For many years I have been bouncing around the broadcasting stations of Germany and Austria as a dubbing artist for radio and television productions and as a journalist. Thus, I was heard in countless publications of the ARD and ORF, speak for SWR, WDR, SR and of course many other private clients. 

Ten years ago I started my voice-over career with the dubbing for the classical music CD "Scriabin and Sounds" by the Indian pianist Pervez Mody. Since then, I have regularly published poetry interpretations and radio dramas. In 2016, my first spoken word CD "tenebra" was released, which I produced together with my brother Maik Styrnol.

In addition to my work as a voice artist, I founded the radio series "Moments of Sports" in 2013, which I led as a presenter and editor-in-chief. The pure radio show soon turned into a multimedia magazine, which produced for several radio stations in different German-speaking countries and also runs a blog. In the meantime, a large portfolio of publications has accumulated. In 2017, I worked as a trailer voice for the ARD sports broadcasts. As such, my voice announced the broadcasts of the Confederations Cup, the U21 European Championship, the World Championships in Athletics, DTM and Tour de France.

In 2018, I was the official "Voice of the Football World Cup" and therefore station voice for all broadcast days of ARD. I narrated documentaries with Palina Rojinski and Udo Lielischkies and dubbed the TV feature "Die lange WM-Nacht" and the review of the World Cup in Russia.

In 2019, my voice announced the new "Miss Germany" as Station Voice in the venue and in the worldwide livestream, a year later my voice went on tour in Germany with Uriah Heep, Nazareth and Wishbone Ash - as Station Voice I announced The Sweet guitarist Andy Scott on stage. Regularly my voice opens the SWR television show "SWR Sport" as trailer voice.

I'm looking forward to your request - I'm also happy to lend my voice to your words. 


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