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Got to the website of our long-term-documentary about the Band Scaramouche

Music Documentary about Scaramouche
Dokufilm Produktion

Winter in Lviv

Doku Produktionsfirma

For A Smile...

Museum Filmproduktion


Dokufilm Produktion

Music & Stories


We produce your documentary, no matter how big or small the topic might seem!

You can profit of our experience creating documentaries for Film Festivals with big organizations like Red Cross and Red Noses International. But we also work with museums and smaller companies to tell captivating stories and make people invested in whatever is close to your heart!

Your film is already shot and you are just searching for an experienced editor or colorist? No problem, just get in touch! After Mixing & Mastering at punchline studio your film will not just look, but also sound great.

Corporate Videos

Documentary Film Planning


Budget Planning, Script Writing, Organization, Location Scouting, Permits, Shotlist, Shooting Schedule, Casting, Contracts, etc...

Filming A Documentary


Directing, Cinematography, Lighting, Filming, Audio Recording, Equipment Rental, Catering, Accommodation, Insurances, Backups, etc...

Editing and Color Grading Documenatry Film


Editing, Color Grading, Directing, (Motion) Graphic Design, Sound Effects, Mixing/Mastering, Visual Effects, etc...

Dokumentarfilmproduktion und Eventfilme
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