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Musikvideoproduktion - QULT

QULT - Epische Fanfaren

Performance Video produktioni

John Home - Blood Brothers

Performance Video produktioni

The Killin' Jivers - Jin Jitter Jive

Videoproduktion Musikvideo

QULT - Schall und Rauch

Musikvideo - Filmunternehmen

Project United - Side By Side

Musikvideo Schnitt

MC Fava & Command Strange - Choices

Music Video

Music Video

You want a music video with a storyline in the style of a short film? No problem, we write the script, take care of locations and actors and put together the right film team to tell a compelling story.

Musikvideo Filmemacher

Performance Video

You want a "traditional" performance video to attract new fans? We film your performance with high-end cameras and sophisticated lighting and set design!

Musikvideo filmen lassen

Studio and On Location

Studio shoots or fancy location - We have the contacts and will find the right style for your music.

Music Video Production

Whether you only have a rough idea of the story you want to tell, or you're already busy editing: We can start working on any step of the production process! We always have the best possible product in mind and are experienced with widely varying budgets. Of course, we can also take on just part of a production, such as shooting, editing or color grading.

Musikvideos und Performance Videos

Filmemacher Musikvideo

Studio at the edge of the Black Forest

In our studio in Lahr/Schwarzwald - near Freiburg im Breisgau - we carry out the complete pre- and post-production. Shooting can be done anywhere thanks to our contacts all over Germany. 


Even here in the Black Forest, however, you can find many unique sceneries for your music video!

In-door locations we can organize for you especially fast here!

Music Video Planning


Budget Planning, Script Writing, Organization, Location Scouting, Permits, Shotlist, Shooting Schedule, Casting, Contracts, etc...

Music VIdeo Filming


Directing, Cinematography, Lighting, Filming, Equipment Rental, Catering, Accommodation, Insurances, Backups, etc...

Music VIdeo Editing and Color Grading


Editing, Color Grading, Directing, (Motion) Graphic Design, Sound Effects, Mixing/Mastering, Visual Effects, etc...

Musikvideo Schnitt und Color Grading
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